Concerto DElaBorde

Kathryn Cok & Wouter Verschuren


The husband and wife team Wouter Verschuren en Kathryn Cok specializes in the performance of repertoire for historical bassoon and keyboard on historical instruments. They perform repertoire from the early baroque period upto the romantic area.

  1. Pragrammes:

  2. Banchetto Musicali:

  3. A varied programma with in the first half repertoire for dulcian and harpsichord such as the wonderful Sonata Settima by Giovanni Antonio Bertoli and in the second half works for baroque bassoon and harpsichord by the great masters of the high baroque such as G.F.Handel and J.S.Bach

  4. Vienna:

  5. Recently discovered exciting sonatas by Freiherr Nikolaus von Krufft for classical bassoon and fortepiano.

  6. Delices de la Solitude:

  7. A lively high baroque programme for recorder, baroque bassoon and harpsichord featuring trio sonatas by composers such as Vivaldi, Handel and Boismortier.

  8. Recorder: Saskia Coolen